Important information! Unfortunately, from 15 to 31 July 2020 I will not be able to answer support questions (these are questions in the comments, emails, and refund requests). At this time I will be in another city, where I will not have access to my working computer :( However, please do not worry - from August 1 I will answer all your questions in the order in which they were received. I apologize for the inconvenience. P.S. Sometimes I will have the opportunity to check my mail, and in this case I think I will be able to answer some emails (however, I can not give guarantees, but I will try). P.S.S. Do not forget about the documentation, which has the answers to most questions. In addition, the answers to some questions are in the comments section on the theme page on ThemeForest.

Author: Alexey Trofimov

Hi, my name is Alexey. I develop premium WordPress themes for ThemeForest, and I really love to do it! I make easy to use, clean and elegant themes, and at the same time I try to make them functional and customizable. My portfolio: