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Current version: v1.2

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Full changelog.txt: http://documentation.birdwp.com/wp-orin/changelog.txt

How to update Orin: http://documentation.birdwp.com/wp-orin/#update-section

Version 1.2 – 29.02.2024

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Some styles for the Block editor in this version of the theme have been improved and fixed.
  2. Added minor improvements to the customizer.
  3. The “Orin Additional Features” plugin has been updated (v1.1):
    • Added the X icon instead of the Twitter icon;
    • New social button: “Share on Pinterest”.
  4. The translation file has been updated (/orin/languages/orin.pot).
Version 1.1.2 – 06.04.2023

Fixes and Improvements:

1. Block Editor:

Styling issues for several blocks have been fixed in this version of the theme. The following blocks were affected:

  • List Block;
  • Quote Block;
  • File Block;
  • Button Block;
  • Tag Cloud;
  • Categories List.

2. Added permission to use two new HTML tags for Footer Text: the “p” (paragraph) tag and the “br” (line break) tag. This setting can be found in the customizer: Appearance > Customize > Footer > Copyright Text.

3. Theme translation file has been updated (/orin/languages/orin.pot).

Version 1.1.1 – 24.08.2022


  • Fixed issue with popup images in the Gallery Block;
  • Improved and fixed styles for the Block Editor.
Version 1.1 – 13.03.2022


  • Documentation;
  • POT translation file (/orin/languages/orin.pot).


  • Added a hidden H1 heading with the site name to pages where it is not possible to add this tag. These are the following pages: homepage with the latest posts, all archive pages, and search results page. The site name can be added in your WordPress settings: Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Site Title.
  • New theme settings (Appearance > Customize):
    • Added the ability to increase the first post on all pagination pages: Appearance > Customize > Blog Posts > Posts > Increase the first post on pagination pages or not?;
    • Added a new section with settings: Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings;
    • Show or hide the “Back To Top” button: Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings > Show “Back to top” button;
    • Added the ability to cancel text transformation for some text elements: Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings > Cancel text transformation for some text elements;
    • The following section with settings has been renamed: Appearance > Customize > Colors And Cookies –> Styles And Cookies;
    • Added setting to change default fonts: Appearance > Customize > Styles And Cookies > Default Fonts: Sans-Serif Or Serif;
    • Added setting to change the default site style: Appearance > Customize > Styles And Cookies > Default Site Style: Light Or Dark.


  • Some minor CSS issues.

Thanks to everyone who advised good ideas for this update! 😉 I also want to apologize that some of the settings that you wrote to me about were not included in this update. However, they are all saved in my journal. I can’t guarantee that all suggested settings and features will be added, but I always think about every suggested setting and feature 😉 Once again, thank you very much to all of you!

During testing, there were issues with the following new features:

  • Offset for posts in the slider;
  • Ability to hide the logo on single post pages and single pages.

For this reason, these features have not been included in this version. However, I will keep thinking about them.

Version 1.0.1 – 26.02.2022

Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved and fixed styles for the Block Editor (Fixed issues related to block editor changes in WordPress 5.9; Added styles for new blocks);
  • Fixed minor CSS issues (Comment form styles);
  • Improved and fixed styles for widget blocks.

Note: This update adds compatibility with WordPress 5.9.x. After the release of this update, I will start working on version 1.1. In this version (v1.1), I will add new features, settings and some fixes.

Thanks again for using this theme!

Version 1.0 – 11.11.2021