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Current version: v1.1

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Full changelog.txt: http://documentation.birdwp.com/wp-orin/changelog.txt

How to update Orin: http://documentation.birdwp.com/wp-orin/#update-section

Version 1.1 – 13.03.2022


  • Documentation;
  • POT translation file (/orin/languages/orin.pot).


  • Added a hidden H1 heading with the site name to pages where it is not possible to add this tag. These are the following pages: homepage with the latest posts, all archive pages, and search results page. The site name can be added in your WordPress settings: Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Site Title.
  • New theme settings (Appearance > Customize):
    • Added the ability to increase the first post on all pagination pages: Appearance > Customize > Blog Posts > Posts > Increase the first post on pagination pages or not?;
    • Added a new section with settings: Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings;
    • Show or hide the “Back To Top” button: Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings > Show “Back to top” button;
    • Added the ability to cancel text transformation for some text elements: Appearance > Customize > Other Theme Settings > Cancel text transformation for some text elements;
    • The following section with settings has been renamed: Appearance > Customize > Colors And Cookies –> Styles And Cookies;
    • Added setting to change default fonts: Appearance > Customize > Styles And Cookies > Default Fonts: Sans-Serif Or Serif;
    • Added setting to change the default site style: Appearance > Customize > Styles And Cookies > Default Site Style: Light Or Dark.


  • Some minor CSS issues.

Thanks to everyone who advised good ideas for this update! 😉 I also want to apologize that some of the settings that you wrote to me about were not included in this update. However, they are all saved in my journal. I can’t guarantee that all suggested settings and features will be added, but I always think about every suggested setting and feature 😉 Once again, thank you very much to all of you!

During testing, there were issues with the following new features:

  • Offset for posts in the slider;
  • Ability to hide the logo on single post pages and single pages.

For this reason, these features have not been included in this version. However, I will keep thinking about them.

Version 1.0.1 – 26.02.2022

Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved and fixed styles for the Block Editor (Fixed issues related to block editor changes in WordPress 5.9; Added styles for new blocks);
  • Fixed minor CSS issues (Comment form styles);
  • Improved and fixed styles for widget blocks.

Note: This update adds compatibility with WordPress 5.9.x. After the release of this update, I will start working on version 1.1. In this version (v1.1), I will add new features, settings and some fixes.

Thanks again for using this theme!

Version 1.0 – 11.11.2021