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Version 1.0.4 – 08.06.2018


  • Theme screenshot.


  • Few minor CSS issues:
    • Comments Form: Cookies acceptance checkbox – Added new styles;
    • Changed styles for the video, embed, iframe, and object tags.
  • TGM Plugin Activation library: Fixed warning (“Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in … on line …“)
Version 1.0.3 – 25.11.2017


  • Fixed an issue with the author biographical info in the “About the author” block and on the archive page with posts by one author;
  • Few minor CSS issues.
Version 1.0.2 – 14.06.2017


  • PHP7 Deprecated Warnings: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; class_name has a deprecated constructor. Already fixed in the current version;
  • Widgets: HTML forms styles;
  • retina.js 404 errors;
  • Few minor CSS issues;
  • Fixed issue with views counter.


  • New option: “Featured images: Add ‘data-no-retina’ attribute to all images” (Appearance > Customize > Blog > Featured images: Add ‘data-no-retina’ attribute to all images);
  • Theme screenshot.
Version 1.0.1 – 20.12.2016


  • Documentation;
  • Font Awesome (v4.7.0);
  • imagesLoaded (v4.1.1);
  • Popular posts widget.


  • Few minor CSS issues.


  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility.

Note. If you already use this theme and you have your own CSS code in the Custom CSS field, then the script in this update will automatically migrate your existing custom CSS code to the new Additional CSS field, and then the old Custom CSS section will be automatically removed from WordPress Live Customizer.

Version 1.0 – 20.08.2016